The Election is Over… What Does This Mean for Us Now?

We have an new President-Elect and it is Donald Trump.  No matter what side of the ballot box you stood on, the process has delivered a new occupant of the White House and all that brings.  We knew it could go one way or another, but that it turns out is the least of what we knew.  There was so much that was hidden and revealed about the real state of our country emotionally that was the biggest surprise showing us what we did’nt know.  Things have not changed as much as we thought.  That hurts.  The pain of exclusion is no longer hidden.  As we have worked to heal our country, worked to open the minds of our fellow Americans to the idea of inclusion, we somehow also excluded the feelings of those very people who were resistant to change.  That is what so tumultuously bubbled to the surface.

Change is required for growth.  There is no doubt about that.  President Obama was the opportunity for us to embrace change with ease and grace.  We did expand our consciousness and our picture of America has become more diverse.  In the process, the deeply rooted ideas of the old picture loosened but lingered.  Many as we have seen felt they no longer had a voice and felt excluded because they did not agree with the new ideas or picture of a Diverse and embracing America.  And that frustration came up to the surface with a vengeance.

The task now is to continue with the ideas of inclusion with new ideas of how we can work and listen to all the voices of this mighty nation and find ways to raise up together to a place of love and honor for all.  It is a serious task but there is nothing bigger than the love, wisdom and power that comes from the Divine Mind of the Universe. If we believe it is possible, the Infinite Intelligence within us will lead us to the answer.  First we have to believe.

I believe we are always moving toward good.  We have evolved over the past 240 years to the nation we are today which is filled with an abundance of good, brilliance, compassion, dignity, faith and creative power that gets less focus these days than it deserves.  My vision is one of monumentous healing created by each one of us, one day at a time.  We are all one and in my vision we clearly know, feel and love the truth of that power.  We are all children of the Creator, unique individualized expressions of love in action.

Somehow in a Divine way will come a better tomorrow for us all.  I choose to live from the Heart, moment to moment, day by day.  What about you?  Remember the vision you hold creates your world.  Do you have a vision?  Time to decide how the world you want to live in looks.   A new opportunity is upon us.