Soul Essence Revelations – Creating Your Prosperity Blueprint

Creating Your Prosperity Blueprint – Mapping Your Course for 2020
Facilitator: Deb Foggio

Your soul is seeking something highly desired. Maybe you can put a name on it. Maybe you can’t. What you do know or maybe more specifically what you do feel is that you have to go after it. The question is how. How do you find the best route, the best path there? There are wonderful experiences, love, gifts from the universe, laughter, achievement and more to be had. In general call it prosperity. There are pitfalls, the unknown, the unexpected and the unwanted. In general call it contrast. No matter what you call it, it is life that must be navigated to get where you want to go.

In the process of setting your course, it is not what you know that throws you off course, it is what you don’t know or what is hidden that can throw a monkey wrench in the works. How do you prepare for what blocks, obstacles or options that lay in your path that you cannot see. The answer is Systemic Constellation work.

You already have feelings good and challenging about how you want to proceed. Listen to them and open to take the most healed and aligned approach to creating the life you want or the peace on the journey. Heal and reveal your next steps into the best year and decade you can consciously choose to create.

Sat 01/18/20
9:00A -5:30P

$150 pre-register
$175 after 1/15/20

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