SEE -Allowing Wealth Systemic Constellations Workshop


Constellation work is a healing modality that reveals what you cannot see with the naked eye. You can see the landscape of your own consciousness in a process can show you your blueprint emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. These are all the aspects we use to bring life into form. Where are your strengths? Where are your weaknesses? Where are you blindsided by life and where do you have an unabiding vision that you are willing to follow? These questions when answered empower you to create in a new more effective and joy filled way. Life was meant to be a wondrous rush of innovation and discovery.
This workshop will help you discover more about yourself and what lay ahead than you can imagine.
Soul Essence Evolving is a unique constellations approach that is very experiential. It incorporates movement integrating that with bodywork and psychotherapy and spiritual principles while using the energy of the “knowing field” to reveal our path toward self-actualization and fulfillment. In this process the visible and invisible blocks we are struggling with can be revealed, understood and healed where steps taken to achieve your best life can be illuminated before your eyes.
2 day workshop
Sat 3/2/19 9am -5:30pm
Sun 3/3/19 9am -5:30pm
Cost: $235 pre-registration $255 after 2/25/19