No Matter What, Focus Only On Love

Love is the only thing that is real. We can forget that after the violence of this past week.  Senseless shootings and death have captured the headlines.  Heightened levels of violence, graphically visualized is overwhelming us.  Our senses are responding with various emotions to help us cope.  Fear, sadness, anger, rage, and depression could consume us and lead us to thoughts and feelings of hopelessness, and playing the blame game.  Our fears when focused on lead to worry and a need for “justice.”  It is in these moments that we need to remember we are responsible for our world and the way we see it no matter what is happening outside of us.  If what we focus on expands, and it does, then I choose to focus on love.  In every tragedy are the seeds of opportunity.  The opportunity to choose a vision of the opposite of the tragedy.  The opportunity to see the world as a beautiful place filled with people who love fully and live in the integrity of that love.  The shootings in Minnesota, Baton Rouge and Dallas are demonstrations of the worst aspects and actions of human beings.  However there are also visible in plain daylight, actions of love that we can focus on that showcase the best of humanity.  As I was watching the news there was a photo of the hospital personnel lined up arm to arm giving a private moment to two police officers being wheeled in on stretchers.  A spontaneous moment of love, honor and respect for another human being in time of need.  There have been so many interviews in these last two days of people speaking from their hearts with words steeped in love and compassion calling for peace and and end to violence.  When we focus on love we will not be pulled apart we will moved through universal connection to unify focusing on our similarities.

What is real is love.  It is our birthright.  It is the only energy that is real.  It is higher in vibration than any other energy and when used with focus and purpose, it shifts any situation in undeniable ways to reflect itself.  It is the energy that emits naturally from our soul and will expand if we don’t submit to ideas and feelings that deter it’s expression.  It will move us to receive and create from miraculous ideas all nature of things, programs, systems, machinery, tools, processes that will heal us, entertain us, elevate our perspective about life and each other.  It will entice us to create the most beautiful and useful works that will engage us in making life better for all humanity.  It is the greatest gift the Divine has given us.  To experience its power, we must put it first above all other thoughts and ideas staying consciously focused on our vision of it.  This is work.  It is a part of the practice of mindfulness, controlling our thoughts, not letting them control us.  When there is consistency in your action of focusing on live, it will expand to impact all aspects of your life.  This brings about the natural prosperity we were all meant to have.  Good relationships, perfect health,  personal fulfillment, wealth and a unique and defined purpose that only we can live from.

So these sad, scary situations create the opportunity for us to practice staying in love and focused on love.  The more we flex our muscles to focus only on love, the more we shift our personal energies, then our community energies then the energies of the nation, world and universe.  It is all done one moment, one hour, one day at a time.  These acts of violence are senseless but we can use them to become instruments of love, calling forth our true nature and living authentically being who we truly are from the center of our being.  It is surely my focus.  I invite you to stand with me and invite others along for this ride of a lifetime!  Miracles can happen.  You are the source!