Individual Constellations

Constellation work is often done in groups but is also very effective in private sessions.  Experiences in the individual sessions can open pathways to healing a variety of issues that are all interconnected or entangled with our relationships from family and ancestors.  My work with clients is empowering and enlightening around our emotions, allowing healing of issues of low self-esteem, anxiety, guilt, insecurity, abuse, interrelationship challenges, creative blocks, physical ailments and so much more.  Anything that blocks the creation of healthy, dynamic and fulfilling living can be revealed and understood so new ideas can be embraced.

This allows a grounding in life that many people have never experienced.  Feeling connected to the energies that are all around us and run through us provides support that lets us examine things that destabilize our sense of well-being.  This is what working with constellations can do.  Honoring our sense of something greater and experiencing it in this work changes our view of life and ourselves.  When we work in constellation, connections to our own individuality through feeling love for who we are brings much desired new possibilities, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

For info contact Deb at or 248-702-7064

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