Family Constellations

24569620_mWe are connected to our family through an energy of the Family Soul that exists through the ages. Our love for members of our family crosses over space and time.  Sometimes out of a blind love for these beloveds, we take on the issues that challenged them that they did not get to complete.  We do this unconsciously and it makes living our life very confusing and sometimes very painful.  When we try to change our lives, often we are unsuccessful because we are unaware of these dynamics that affect every choice we make.  The end result is that we move off of our path of destiny.

Systemic Family Constellations is a wonderful, amazing healing modality that reveals these hidden family bonds.  It is a process that integrates body energies with spiritual and psychotherapy principles to heal what is out of balance in our lives and restore the family soul to a healed alignment.

For info contact Deb at or 248-702-7064

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