Systemic Constellations

SystemConstellations01What do we all want?  No matter how it shows up or how different it looks for us as individuals, we all want to be happy, joyful and prosperous. We are compelled by a force greater than ourselves to seek to express these feelings and in the process move out whatever is blocking us from achieving peace.

Our blueprint for living and creating life comes from our family.  If there are unresolved issues in our family situations, unconscious blocks that we hold can keep us stuck in these old dilemmas.

Systemic constellations reveal and transform embedded patterns that are otherwise very challenging to understand and change. Intellectually, we may recognize patterns of negative behaviors and destructive relationships, but in practice it can be extremely difficult to free ourselves from the ones that feel most unwanted. Through this process we become aware of the complex web of interconnection reaching into our present from generations past.

Family constellations shows us the story the family doesn’t tell.  These stories don’t get told because of fear, shame, guilt, or deep pain.  These stories get passed on unknowingly from generation to generation changing the destiny of each.  However, the true root of our spirit, love the essence of the family soul wants to tell the story with compassion, forgiveness and light so healing can unfold.

Soul Essence Evolving is a unique constellations approach that incorporates family constellations using the energy of the “knowing field” to reveal our path toward self-actualization and fulfillment.  In this process the visible and invisible blocks we are struggling with can be revealed, pain can be understood and healed, steps to take to achieve your best life can be illuminated before your eyes.

The work is beneficial to everyone who participates.  It reveals just how strongly we are connected to the higher energies and how beautifully we are connected to each other.

In your participating in the process whether for yourself or others, you will walk away with whatever you need to give you clarity in your own life.

Systemic Constellations work opens doors for you that can be and sometimes are hidden from your sight.  This is work that you feel on all levels; mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually. Join us if you want to move to new levels of understanding about yourself and your world.  You will walk away changed for your greatest good.

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