Prosperity Training Camp Level II

Instructor: Deb Foggio

Life is a gift. The greatest gift you will ever receive. Are you getting the most out of it? If you aren’t, you are not alone. There are more people struggling during these current times than prospering. Just because this has been your experience to date does not mean that it has to continue. There are so many ways to make the most of your life if you have the right information. Yes, there is a process to living. For example, did you know that the greatest tool that you have is your ability to choose? Do you know why? You would if you were actively training to live a life of prosperity. Yes, we need training. There are others who know that and are putting their ability to choose to work for them. They are actively working the Creative Process and they are succeeding. Some of them have very similar life situations as you. Why are they manifesting wealth, love, truth, happiness and success at an more increased level than you? They are doing things in a particular way to make their lives full of their dreams and desires.

Prosperity Training Camp will help you discover and build the tools you need in everyday life to be outstandingly successful in creating a better life. You will learn the way to create the life you want in pragmatic steps. You just need to bring to dedication and commitment to yourself. You must be willing to do the work. If you are you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

PTC as we lovingly call it has two phases.

  • Phase One-Teaching the foundations of creation.
    There is the study of the spiritual science of the creative process. We study the many works of great ancient teachers and modern new thought authors.
  • Phase Two -The Creation and Planning of your own Life’s Blueprint
    We then focus on the pragmatic process of designing the life desired by each student. Clarity and understanding of how the student is shifting, healing and growing from their applied efforts is looked at with suggestions, healing and support shared for continued success.

If you have some training in the creative process then Prosperity Training Camp Level II is a good place to start.

You will also find support among the other like-minded participants who believe it is possible and who will help you believe it is possible too. They are doing the studying and workout necessary to make the change. The more you study and focus on you, the faster you will find the rewards of your work. This is not a typical class. Accountability, experiential work, friendship, study and fun make up the foundation of this class. If you want the good things in life to be yours, then this Training Camp is for you.

There are three levels to PTC.

Beginners -Level I –
Intermediate -Level II -Offered online -Ongoing
Advanced -Level III

Campers are advanced to the next level after one year of study and participation. The year is divided into two six month terms.  Students may join after the beginning date with the approval of Deb Foggio.  Classes meet once a week for two hours. Students are expected to do assigned reading and homework for each session. There will be a progress review once a month with Deb individually.

Tuition is $30 a week. Tuition is paid monthly in advance. Weekly attendance is required. If a student has to miss a class they are expected to call and inform the instructor in advance for the absence to be excused. Any unexcused absences will not be refunded.

Call 248-702-7064 or email Deb at to complete registration.

PTC Level II
Begins 01/16/19
Every Wed
Time: 7:00P – 9:00P
Tuition: $30 per session. Payment is made monthly in advance

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