Intuitive Development Series

Intuitive Development I
Understanding the Language of Universal Mind
Instructor: Deb Foggio

42559688_mYour psychic / intuitive talents are a tremendous part of your communication paradigm.  We access so much information unconsciously, and we put that information to use every day.  If you are consciously aware of these talents, you have the ability to maneuver in the world more dynamically and more successfully.  These skills can be discovered, understood and enhanced through study and practice.  Exploring the Intuitive Universe I, the first module of the series, guides students through the process of connecting with and developing their psychic ability.  The class helps to awaken your intuitive consciousness, then stimulates psychic development by teaching the fundamentals required to develop and use this skill in everyday life and more.  Learning to understand your intuitive abilities can help improve the quality and caliber of your life.  It can also open the door for you to find the path to living a more fulfilled life.  Maybe even open the door to new talents and opportunities.  No experience necessary, just an openness to discover your own truth.

4 week series
Thu     06/07/18 – 06/28/18   7:00P–9:30P    $160/pre-register          $170/after 06/01/18

Intuitive Development II
Instructor: Deb Foggio

The second module of the series, guides students through the study of the history of different modalities used to connect with and express the psychic energies and talents.  More hands on experiential work is emphasized to help the students expand and understand their own unique gifts and their expression as well as learn the technical aspects of the work.  Students will experience a much deeper understanding of how the physical and spiritual are integrated.  More instruction is emphasized on how you can use it in everyday life or to further enhance spiritual growth.

Prerequisite: Intuitive Development I
4 week series
Thu     07/05/18 – 07/26/18    7:00P–9:30P    $195/pre-register          $205/after 06/29/18

Intuitive Development Advanced
Instructor: Deb Foggio

This class is for those students who have embraced their gifts and desire to expand their understanding and knowledge of the more spiritual aspects of the psychic realm.  It includes instruction on how to become a spiritual/psychic/intuitive reader.  More complicated modalities are taught, and students study experientially to begin to perfect the technical as well as personal understanding of each process.  Students will learn how to access their abilities on multiple levels.  Learn how you can integrate your gifts into use in everyday life or to enhance spiritual growth and expanded consciousness.

Intuitive Development II is a pre-requisite.
6 week series
Thu     08/02/18 – 09/06/18    7:00P–9:30P    $250/pre-register          $260/after 07/26/18


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