DreamWorks – Dream Study Series

DreamWorks I
Instructor: Deb Foggio

31283970_mDreaming is an integral part of having a healthy psyche. We dream to keep our bodies functioning in optimum health. We dream to help us cope with situations and people that upset us emotionally. We dream to innovate new ideas, problem solve and create opportunities in our daily living. We dream of the future in a process that aids us in understanding that life is non-linear and data can come from different realms of time and space. Our dreams are our life line to the Divine and reminds us we are more than the five senses. We are a part of the Divine fabric of life. Dreaming is important to living a successful and balanced life. Now you can understand why learning to interpret the language of dreams is so important to you and how are creating and living your life. Within each dream is an amazing database of symbols and knowledge that is unique to you. Dreams unlock what is unspoken and hidden deep within you. Information that you need to get a clear picture of who you are, how you are and where you stand in being your best self.

This class gives you an understanding of dreams and teaches the foundational process of dream interpretation and analysis. DreamWorks also opens the door for the beginning of your transformational journey into self-awareness and discovery. It gives you one of the keys you need to begin to change your life and create the life you desire to live.

4 week series
DreamWorks I is offered online
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DreamWorks I Online Class

DreamWorks II
Instructor:  Deb Foggio

Once you have learned the fundamentals of dream study, dream interpretation and analysis, a window to a whole other realm of life can now be opened and that life explored.  The frontier of deeper spiritual awareness ties you to the multi-dimensional aspects of life and your connection to it.  Alongside the many pieces of data that relate to your life and day to day living, this realm begins to show you the intricacies and interconnectedness of the events in your life and how this affects you in your creative talents.

The skills of DreamWorks I are deepened in DreamWorks II as more in-depth dream analysis is explored and practiced.  The gifts are that you will have the opportunity to see how actions or thoughts in everyday living can lay a path for you that will support or hamper your success on all levels.  It will also open the doors to the spiritual understanding of life giving you tools to create life the way you want to live it.  Dreams are a key to finding peace and power in life.

5 week series


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