PathWays Customized Coaching

prosperity symbolDepending on where you are in your life, you may have very specific needs or challenges that need to be met.  In an assessment session Deb will sit down with you to explore your needs and issue and create a customized coaching program to create outstanding success for you.  Coaching systems can be designed for Personal/Business/Career Development, Relationship Coaching, Crisis Management and more.

After the initial assessment, a customized coaching plan will be created specifically to address your current life challenges.  The plan will encompass immediate coaching strategies along with lessons teaching the powerful PathWays to Creation program.

Private Coaching Sessions – $145
ImReady Now

Sessions are 60 minutes

A LifeWorks coaching system also assists small businesses to grow and expand into achieving prosperity by teaching owners and employees how to apply spiritual law and the laws of creativity to business modules.

Contact us to schedule your free 30 minute assessment;

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