LifeWorks 101

LifeWorks101No matter what your circumstances, everyone has the opportunity to create the life they desire. What most people don’t have is the firm knowledge of how to create and manifest that life.  Understanding the Spiritual Science of Life and how it operates, opens the door to unlimited possibilities for your life.

The LifeWorks 101 Coaching program is a multi-leveled experience that examines energetically and pragmatically the process of healing, creating and living a fulfilling, life of purpose and joy. Students learn the practical tools and techniques that unfortunately most of us never got exposed to in a systematic way so we could be really dynamic in creating the lives we have wanted.

The Tone and Temperature of your thoughts create your life!

Life is filled with a selection of choices. Are you choosing consciously or are you letting your choices choose you? There is a process to life that most of us have learned in bits and pieces. Sometimes we hit on what we desire and sometimes it eludes us like a pinball bouncing off one bumper then another.

Our success does not have to be this random. It can be organized, ordered and in abundance. What is missing is knowing how the game of life is played.  What is missing often is your deep feeling connection to something greater than yourself, yet you feel it clearly calling to you.

There is order in the universe. Wisdom is a part of that order.  Consciousness is a part of that order.  Living as if you are really awake, consciously choosing from a plan you have self-realized is a part of that order.  There are Laws that govern the Universe.   And it operates whether you are aware of it or not. Just like gravity works whether you understand it or not.  Better to understand then, wouldn’t you say?

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There is Power in Wisdom.
If you are not living the life you want, yet you have been working hard and long to achieve it, do not believe it is because you are not capable. You are capable! Being stuck in life comes from lack of information and misperceptions based in illusion. Understanding and practical application of the Creative process empowers you with clear vision, confidence in yourself and connection to the power that creates it all.

Why a Life Coaching Program?
Successful change requires commitment. Transformation only happens when you change your consciousness. With guided assistance you begin learning how a greater you is possible through the application of new ways of thinking, processing and taking action in everyday life. Coaching provides guidance and accountability based on your individual needs, week by week, supporting your desired transformation.


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