LifePath Readings

39963633_mDeb Foggio is an Intuitive LifePath Consultant who has a gift for helping people find their best pathways to success.  She has a variety of tools that can help you plot a course for your life through healing and creative inspiration.  If you want things to be different you have to take the first step.  A LifePath reading is a good way to start.

A LifePath reading can be a marvelous tool in creating the life you have always desired.  How have you created life your way?  Has it been prosperous or challenging?  If you are still yearning for a better life, what went awry? Or did you excel in creating and now a whole new horizon is before you and you are trying to decide what comes next? Most importantly what is your attitude?  It is the secret key!


Luck has been defined as when preparation meets opportunity. Want to get the most out of life, then get prepared.  You can give yourself a head start on a whole new year by planning for a new level of prosperity as well as taking action.  One key component to creating life differently is to establish a clear vision of where you are now and where you want to go.  Quiet time, meditation and reflection are good beginnings.  They can help establish peace so you will be open to all the data you require to know and feel that there is something greater for you.  You can create new intentions, adjust the ones you have set and/or change them as necessary.

A LifePath reading can show where you are with the intentions you set for this year and the possibilities for the next.  A LifePath reading can give you a clear view of what is ahead. It can help give you perspective about your life that can lead to healing.  A reading could discover what is hidden within you that could slow your progress.  Or it could reveal big dreams you have been hesitant to speak of.  A LifePath reading can assist you in setting the intentions and goals needed to manifest the greatest life of your desires.

Your LifePath Experience

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