Customized Remedies with Life Coaching

Deb Foggio is a Bach Flower Essence Consultant.  She creates customized Bach flower remedies that assist a person in healing emotions that have been denied, suppressed or used to support unhealthy misconceptions of a person’s nature or character.  These misperceptions become the root of misunderstanding and hurt that can keep healing and growth at bay.  The custom remedy is then combined with a life coaching plan that supports change through understanding of how to navigate through the emotions and improve intrapersonal and interpersonal skills.  It all starts with an assessment and then moves into the creation of a Life plan to take them to their goals through healing and practical application of the creation process.

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Experience the Customized Remedies with Life Coaching with Deb

Bach customized remedy with LifeWorks coaching session: $145.00
First session is 1hr 15 minutes.
Payment: Credit Card via Paypal (expedited registration & payment available using the Paypal button below).

Call or email to schedule your session. Then make your payment. Once payment is made you will get an email confirming your appointment. Your appointment is not set until you have received a confirmation.


Please call or email to schedule session: , 248-702-7064

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