LifeWorks 101 -Tips for a More Prosperous Life #1

Create a Vacuum

If you want more abundance in your life the first thing you have to do is be grateful for what you have.  Simple gratitude acknowledges that you are already prosperous. You draw to you how you feel.  Prosperous feelings bring more prosperity.  Wanting more prosperity is just a natural attitude that any creator holds.  Oh by the way, YOU ARE A CREATOR.  Being grateful makes you feel good.  Feeling good connects you to the energy of your heart consciousness.  New ideas of what you want to create and what you desire will start to flow.  Receive what comes… write it down. Claim it. Feel how fun it would be to have these things.

Now it time to create a vacuum.  Nature abhors a vacuum.  When one is created nature will fill it automatically.  So go through your house, your closet, your drawers, your garage.  Find the things that no longer serve you and collect them all to give them away or throw them out.  You are making a space for all those desired items.  The universe will work automatically to fill that vacuum with the list you created and have been envisioning.  Then say thank you as your bounty begins to find you in wondrous ways!

Happy Creating!