Happy Mother’s Day -The Gifts of a Mother Both Given and Received!

May 14, 2017

Motherhood is a Divine gift.  If you are a Mother, you have been blessed with one of the greatest gifts the universe could bestow upon you.  You got the opportunity to demonstrate the power of creation on two planes… spiritually and physically.  A proverbial Macrocosm to the Microcosm.

Creation starts with a Divine idea.  That idea begins within from the heart center.  It is grown and nourished through thoughts and feelings, through the power of the imagination.  Through Divine urges that come with this nourishing, it makes you move and do things beyond yourself to bring it to life.  When the idea was conceived it was already created in the material plane just waiting to be birthed through the process of you responding to the urges with Inspired action steps.  Each step phase by phase helped to bring it closer to you in the richness of life.  The process is euphoric at times filled with expectation.  At other times it was filled with overwhelm, questioning and discomfort and sometimes pain.  This discomfort or pain was always about you releasing anything that was hindering the birth of the Divine idea. Anything in you that expected less than a miracle.

This Divine Idea required you to prepare for it’s arrival.  To “act as if”, as they say, that you already had it.  So that meant cleaning out a space in your life to make way for it.  It was necessary to let go of the old ideas of your life because it would be forever different.  That meant letting go of the old picture you had of yourself.  It would no longer apply because now you had the Divine idea and you with it were different.  Then you had to make a space in your physical environment.  It’s called “creating a vacuum.” Cleaning out material possessions and things that you no longer needed or wanted made a space where the new energy or the Divine idea could be drawn into just by the nature of physics.  Finally with everything prepared the new manifestation shows up and it is so much more than you ever imagined.

Childbirth is not any different.  It happens from within.  The Divine seed is planted within.  It is nourished by all the good you feed it.  It grows from a Divine blueprint of DNA that contains everything required, so it is already done from the beginning.  Step by step it expands finding its way to you in a process that is sometimes euphoric or uncomfortable and yes sometimes painful.  Again the discomfort and pain is to point out what actions, ideas or behaviors need to be eliminated so a perfect process can deliver a perfect outcome.  You change, the people around you change as the power of this new spirit and it’s presence is contemplated and accepted.  This is a part of the cleaning out of old mental and emotional ideas that make way for new Divine expectations and feelings.  This leads to cleaning out the house to make way for a new person with their own personality and fate.  Again a vacuum is made to assist in the emergence of this person into your life.  You act as if… buy a crib, clothes, toys, anything you believe will make this precious package happy.  And before you know it, the package in all of its wonder and glory is delivered.  Never in a routine way, but always in a way that is unique and beneficial for the lessons needed to be successful in this life for you and them.

Once you have lived the process of creation through this dynamic, you can apply it to creating anything you want in this life.  You as a mother have done it is the biggest way possible, sometimes multiple times depending on how many children you have.  This is not an etheric concept to you any longer.  You have done it first hand.  And anything you have done once you can do it again for anything you require just by remembering the experience.  You have been blessed by living the blueprint of creation.  You learned by doing and better yet without really realizing it.  It was a great wonderful, amazing life experience.  It was filled with fun, joy and more.  And now it turns out it was THE GREATEST SPIRITUAL lesson ever.  Now work it consciously to create and manifest whatever you want.  The knowing is in you.

Even if you did not physically birth a child, the process is the same.  Your Divine idea started as one of making a space in the world for another human being who needed love, nurturing, security and a home.  Everything after that develops the same way.  The nurturing, the shifing, the creating a vacuum, the process of bringing it to life.  All of it.  Creation is creation.

So you see, God gave you a leg up in the creation game.  Your willingness to bring a light into the world through your physical expression is the gift that keeps on giving if you work it.  Riches given and riches received.  Use them well and make a life of wonder for yourself and others through the powers of application with focus.  See, what you did’nt realize is that you are an expert at it already!  Now you know!

Happy Mother’s Day.