Emotions can make things messy? Or do they, hmmm?

Have you ever been told you are too emotional?  How about being told you are emotionless?  Too needy?  Maybe too aloof?  What do you think?  Are you in control of your emotions or do they control you?  Better yet are you even in touch with your emotions enough to even know?

Perception is everything, and how you perceive your emotions determines the landscape of your relationships.  First with yourself and then with others.

Emotions are the most misunderstood of our human dynamics.  In our culture we have been actively taught that emotions are bad.  That we should ignore anything that makes us feel bad.  Some of us are even taught that we should ignore anything that makes us feel.  We are constantly waging internal battles to keep our emotions at bay or artificially pump them up. It keeps us off balance and adds to our uncertainty about ourselves.

Any of you who know me, know I am a passionate person.  I feel very deeply about a lot of things and I am not afraid to express it (in win win ways of course :-).  However, as I was growing up, I was criticized for that passion. “Lighten up”, “tone it down”, “don’t get so excited” are things I heard throughout the years.  It was as if being excited about things was a bad thing.  I have since learned that passion fuels creativity and creativity is the essence of life.  I love my passion and there have been many times when I have had to defend it.  All because we are so hypersensitive to feeling our emotions.  I can assure you the doors to my CENTER would not still be open without my passion.  My passion supports me energetically, intellectually and emotionally.  Yours can too!
All emotions are messengers.  They tell us what is going on in our world.  They gauge for us the safety of our situations.  They inspire our creativity.  They help us heal.  Most of all they are road maps that we need everyday as we navigate all of our life situations.  When we push them down we are ignoring one of the most efficient tools and allies that we have.

Underneath every problem in your life is a series of emotions that have been pushed down and smothered.  They did not go away, they are just building up pressure until there is too much to be contained.  At that point will come a release of some sort and all too often it is a flood or explosion that creates the opposite reaction of what we were shooting for… pain followed by a bigger mess.  Remember what you resist persists.  It complicates things instead of simplifying.  Emotions can be ignored but you will lose your chance to strengthen yourself and heal whatever is amiss. Pay now or pay bigger later.  Your choice.  I learned long ago I wanted to take the road of experiencing life in ease and grace so I made friends with my emotions.  I did that by learning to listen to the messages they bring and then making informed choices.  It is the much more empowering way.

Emotions in their free flowing form really support us in living prosperously.  Here is an example.
Did you know that fear is the emotion that supports our intuition.  Yes, that’s right.  When fear is expressing, it is telling you to stop what you are doing.  It arises to tell you there is something going on in your environment that you missed and you need to know about.  It then tells you to be still and listen.  When you do, your intuition takes over to communicate to you urges or actions that you need to take.  If you do, then you will respond in a way that will give you a positive outcome.  So you see fear is your friend, there to support you in unexpected ways.  That is when you listen!
Every emotion has a message.  Are you listening?  Or are you constantly making more issues for yourself by ignoring how you feel?  Think about it.

You no longer have to be at the mercy of your emotions, you can engage with them to make your life the powerful expression you have always desired.  I hope you will choose ease and grace like me and find the courage to be in the driver’s seat of your life.

Want to learn more?  Stay tuned for my class series, Understanding the Language of Emotions.  It is coming Fall of 2016.