DreamQuest -Putting the Power of Intention to Work in 2018

2017 is coming to a close.  I was so excited coming into 2017.  I remember being at the 2016 Burning Bowl Ceremony at THE CENTER filled with hope for the New Year.  I knew then like I know now that the only way I was going to get the most out of the coming year was to be very conscious about what I wanted to manifest for myself… my dreams and desires.  This is work I love.  Working with my imagination and with my spirit is such fulfilling work.  The feeling in and of it self is awesome.  I am talking about the wonderful energy of creation.  It is food for my soul.  It is the security I feel in living every day.  It is the expression of my personal power that strengthens my confidence and my connection to God.  It is plain and simple just joy!!!

Intention work always pays off if you stay focused on what you desire.  You need a clear picture of what your intention looks like.  This means you see the detail of what it looks like, what you look like having it and what it feels like having it.  How do you get all that? Through quiet time listening to The Divine.  Meditation, prayer and self-care bring the pieces of the puzzle of your desires into your sight.  To engage the universe you have to write it down.  Then review your intention and build on the vision regularly.  I love to look at my intentions at least once a day.  Then I pray thanking God in advance for it coming to me, usually in a greater way than I envisioned.

Intentions are also about being put on the path to understanding life then living fully from the creator that is within you.  It is the best way to get to the real core of who you are.  Following the urges you receive by taking the action steps puts you in the midst of life.  If there is something you are doing that is creating havoc in your life, it will be revealed and thus you have the opportunity to heal and eliminate it.  If there is some talent or skill you are unaware of, in the process of manifesting your desire, it can show itself much to your delight and life expands more joyfully fulfilling for you.  And isn’t it wonderful you can do this all the while bringing in your desired gifts from the universe!  Life is really such a multi-dimensional, multi-leveled magnificent variety show for the ages where everybody wins according to their level of perception of good.  There is really no way of getting bored if you are just present.

This season I am initiating the 2018 DreamQuest.  I am already deep into writing and detailing my intentions for the coming year.  It is such a wonderfully engaging process that I am inviting all of my readers, listeners, students and clients to join me.  Together lets walk a journey of power and manifestation for 2018.  Start getting those intentions written down.  I am asking that you let at least 5 desires of your heart find their way to paper and that you begin to focus on them.  Then share how you feel and how the process is unfolding for you.  If you email me, I will hold the intention as real for you joining the energy you are giving with my belief in your dreams.  I know we all can do impossible things and I can joyfully hold that truth for us all individually and together.  It is not hard, nor complicated.  I just have to feel the truth of love at my core and this is as natural as breathing.

Let’s make 2018 the best year yet.  Let’s show how we believe we are natural born creators and use that ability to prosper ourselves and others.  Let’s also have gratitude for the Creative Process that the Universe has blessed us with.  AND MOST OF ALL LETS HAVE FUN IN THE PROCESS.

Let me know you are part of the 2018 DreamQuest.  Email me at info@debfoggio.com  Here’s to the best year of our lives so far!