Deb Foggio

Deb Foggio is an Intuitive LifePath Consultant.  She utilizes her resources as an intuitive, life coach, systemic constellations facilitator, writer, teacher, and speaker to inspire people in discovering, developing and living a life of purpose and prosperity.  Deb works in the field of energy and human consciousness.  She facilitates the awakening of an individual’s powerful spirit, their true nature and helps people live fuller lives by showing them how to live consciously to become the dynamic creators they were always meant to be.  She is clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient.  She has had a long career in communication media (television, radio and more) as well as metaphysics.

In her private practice, Deb helps people understand the underlying rules of creating life from a physical and spiritual perspective.  As a LifePath Consultant, Deb creates individual customized programs for people depending on their level of awareness and healing requirements.  She offers private readings.  She teaches personal development classes, dream study and the study and application of Spiritual/Universal Law.  She is a Systemic Constellations Facilitator utilizing a system she developed named Soul Essence Evolving.  And she is a Bach Flower Essences Consultant.

Deb has developed two very successful Life Coaching Programs – LifeWorks 101 and PATHWAYS TO INSPIRED LIVING.  Both teach people the process of creation (how to create the life they want to live.)  Students learn about the spiritual science of how life is lived and created while discovering and developing a complete understanding of who they are at their core.  A branch of her coaching program also assists small businesses in similar ways to grow and expand into achieving prosperity by teaching owners and employees how to apply spiritual law and laws of creativity to business modules.

Deb is the owner of the CENTER FOR INTEGRATIVE WELL BEING –A Continuing Education for the Mind, Body and Spirit.  The CENTER is another branch of her work created to bring Metaphysical, Spiritual, Intuitive and Healing studies back into the mainstream of life.  It is a resource for students of life, seekers and practitioners alike.  It is a place where individuals are welcomed as they seek the greater meaning of life or as they seek to express that greater meaning through living their purpose.  Classes, retreats and more are offered.

Her work in media has included hosting a weekly radio show, as well as daily segments on WPUL in Daytona Beach, Florida. In Michigan, she has done a weekly segment on WGPR as well as a show on WCXI radio. She is an Emmy award winning television reporter/producer and show host as well as writer for local publications.

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