Burning Bowl Ceremony

You must admit 2burning-bowl018 has been an event filled year.  It is a year of mastery… an 11 year and we are not done yet.  We had the opportunity this year to grow and change from more joyful energies no matter what the world looked like.  How have you fared?  Did you stay focused on your world and what you could control or did you get distracted by the appearance of things outside of you?  Did you let what you saw move you toward focusing within or did you get stuck in what was not yours to handle.  No matter which way you turned, you were living so good job.  Now the time has come to let the experiences you had work for you in 2019 from a more conscious perspective.  You start by discerning whatever thoughts, ideas and beliefs worked for you and use them as foundations to more.  You continue by letting go of things that did not help you hit the mark of success, happiness, peace or joy.  The point is, it is time to realize it is all about you.  Your life is all about how you are thinking and feeling.  What works you want to expand.  What doesn’t you need to discard.

Burning Bowl is a beautiful ceremony designed for you to acknowledge and celebrate the success and growth of 2018 and then release everything that is irrelevant and undesirable that you don’t want to carry into 2019.

New Year’s Eve is the time to get clear on what you want in the next year and then open the doorway to your creative power to magnetize it and bring it home.  First we clear the space then we do the work to fill it with prosperous good for ourselves in the coming year.

We also get a glimpse of what is coming in 2019 energetically.  The more prepared we are, the better we will fare.


Mon   12/31/19
Time:  10am -1pm
Love Donation

Location:  LightWorks Drake Rd. Campus
24125 Drake Rd.
Farmington, Michigan  48335
(The former location of THE CENTER)


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