Soul Essence Evolving Presents
2019 Sisters of the Soul
Moon Lodge Retreat Weekend

  “Breaking the Mold -Living a New Way”
The Power of an Open Heart!

A Moon Lodge Retreat Weekend
December 6,7,8, 2019

You are a magnificent creator.  Maybe you know it.  Maybe you don’t.  When you become aware that you are, there is an unrest that arises within you, a discomfort that moves you into action. You feel an urge to find peace and relieve what keeps you from feeling, in simple terms… good, prospered or loved fully.  The sense that you are meant to have a greater more full life increases.  And that desire moves you to create it even when you don’t know how.  There are a lot of things in this world that we live in that we focus on that impedes our powers of manifestation.  Things we reason and think about but not from the Heart.  The Heart is our GPS to our own spiritual truth.  When we are open to it we naturally realize that whatever comes from it holds more weight than what comes from the mind.  The key is learning this process while unlearning all the things we think is truth but is truly just domestication.  When we do, we become more empowered than we ever thought possible.  Moreover we enjoy the journey and the discovery of our true beliefs allowing us to really see ourselves with clarity.  This is the beginning of living from an open heart, the most authentic and courageous things you can do.

This inspiring and healing weekend is all about creating a new vision and living with the new power of consciously engaged choice.  There is also a deep coming into awareness of the gifts that being an expression of the Divine feminine energy.  Then learning to embrace our natural way of being as we live from the foundation of the Divine Feminine energies within.  The spirit of co-creative alignment and support of other women is just the healing balm needed.

Join us for a fabulous, spiritual, healing and fun weekend in December.  It will be an amazing return to self.  Time to take ACTION.   Don’t wait.  Make your commitment now!  In December you will be glad you did.

  • A weekend of healing, personal empowerment and growth.
    • A time of gathering for women to honor their Divine Feminine energy and unleash the creative power it holds to build a life of joy and prosperity.
    • A very experiential workshop that will allow you to make contact with and explore aspects of yourself, your ancestral lineage and your own spiritual consciousness and resources.  The healing process of Systemic Constellations can reveal the deeper meaning of your desires and what they mean for your life.
    • Rediscover the healing and supportive power of Sisterhood.

Where:  The Lake Huron Retreat Center
All lodging, meals and snacks included
When:  Fri, Sat, Sun December 6,7,8, 2019
Registration Info
$675 Pre-registration
$650 Early Bird Registration before August 15th with $100 deposit
$699 pre-registration after October 15th

For more info or to register call Deb at 248-702-7064


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