Mission Statement

LtheCenterIGHTWORKS CENTER FOR INTEGRATIVE WELL BEING is a spiritual expression of Universal Mind.  It is a place where spiritual truth, universal wisdom and divine principles are expressed, taught, practiced and experienced in love, light and abundant prosperity.  It is not just a physical place.  It exists to live in the hearts and minds of all who seek to express the truth of who they are by giving and receiving love in service to the Divine.

Through the loving, creative service of a like-minded community, those dedicated to expressing their divinely perfect unique selves, the light of Divine Spirit shines from within THE CENTER.  May all those drawn to enter find healing, love, support and wisdom in ways that will serve their highest good.

Together we fulfill God’s vision of us all…that we are divinely perfect, unique expressions of God living life prosperously in love to expand the universe for God.  We choose to do this in ease and grace, joy, harmony, peace, unconditional love, fun and unlimited prosperity.

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