The Road to Financial Wellness Systemic Constellations Workshop

Facilitator:  Deb Foggio

Financial wellness is about so much more than how you crunch numbers in your life.  Whatever your financial situation right now, you are the creator of your experience.  So much of that experience comes from data within you based in your beliefs, emotions, ancestral family systems and more often things unconscious to you.  The challenge for you is that in this dynamic of creating, more often than not,  you are creating less than what you desire.  The frustrating part of it is that you may work hard to make the change with little or no success.  What you need to see is what is hidden from you.  What you need to see is what is putting you out of alignment with the manifestation you are working so hard to have happen.

Systemic Constellations is a gentle process that can reveal what is hidden within or align you with the energies of the Infinite Intelligence to re-establish a balance of body, mind and spirit.

This workshop will reveal where healing within you is required and energetically create new neural and emotional pathways for new growth and development that affects your financial blueprint.  A changed perspective leads to a new outcome.

Fri     07/12/19    7:00P – 10:00P     Cost:  $35  Intro night (Included if you sign up for the whole weekend)
Sat    07/13/19    9:00A – 5:30P       Cost:  $145 /pre-register  Fri/Sat       $165 after 07/05/19


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