Spiritual Budgeting

Spiritual Budgeting
Instructor:  Israel C. Wright  MSA, EFE, AAMS

There is a correlation between what you know and feel within from your spiritual center and your outer expression of wealth and finances in your life in the material or physical plane.  So if you want to be prosperous and you are not or if you are prosperous and you want to grow more, you have to look at the Balance Sheet of your life.  The Revenues and Expenses of your spiritual self show up in your Balance Sheet for your physical Assets and Liabilities.  This class is about learning how these principles interconnect and how you can use them to better your awareness of where you stand in your Life’s Profit and Loss Sheet.

Come learn how to see clearly how your practices and principles are creating the financial life you are living.  Once you know, you can make good decisions for your spiritual and financial wealth.

2 week series
Thu     08/09/18-08/16/18     7:00P-9:30P     $80 pre-register     $90 after 08/02/18

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