Soul Essence Revelations – Opening to Love Workshop

There is a deep abiding place within all of us that wants a deeply loving and defining relationship.  To be loved and to love someone special to us is something we naturally yearn for.  Yet for so many, finding that special relationship seems elusive.  That in and of itself can be painful because if feels like exclusion from something we feel is truly our right to have.  It is not the only place where it can feel like love is elusive.  Since all of life is about relationships, when we are not in the flow of love naturally then it can again feel like we are left out of all that matters.  When love flows freely we feel connected to the world and that is satisfying.  When love is not flowing freely, it always feels like something is out of sorts no matter how good our life appears.  Old entanglements, where from family, friends or peers can incapacitate us in the very area of our lives that we instinctually want to thrive.  It is a very human need to be loved.

When you are experiencing this sense of being apart in some way, no matter how hard you may work to change it, the problem can be that something in the unconscious is blocking this natural flow and order to love in your life. In this workshop of Systemic Constellations, those blocks can be revealed giving you a new opportunity to create more connected and free flowing relationships in your life.

This work is profoundly revealing.  It is deeply felt and is life changing.  To feel your resolution vs to think it makes a world of difference in your perceptions and your willingness to allow love to naturally flow freely in your life.

Opening to love is a change of how you allow the energies of life to impact you.  Fears, emotional pain, disappointments and more can be dissolved in the process of this gentle and amazing work.  Healing and feeling the  power of connection can bring wellness to your being and your life.

Come to heal the hurts, pains and restrictions of the past and learn how to live from an open heart.

Opening to Love Systemic Constellation Workshop
Date:  Feb 14, 15, 16
Fri:   7pm -10pm
Sat:  9:00am -5:30pm
Sun:  9:00am -5:30pm

Cost:  $325 pre-registration   $375 after 2/7/20
Pre-registration is required
For more info call Deb Foggio @248-702-7064

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