Creators’ Blueprint -Looking Into Your Vortex: A Visioning Event

Creators’ Blueprint -Looking Into Your Vortex:  A Visioning Event
Instructor:  Deb Foggio

This is not your typical vision board workshop. This is the most powerful workshop for those students ready to accept and empower themselves with the principles of the Creative Process. Getting what you desire is about asking the Universe for what you really want. Do you even know what that is? You will and you will begin the process with all the blanks of creation filled in the most authentic way.
Materials needed – Pictures / Images that represent your desires. This includes, magazine, computer images, photographs, other collectibles etc. Any 3d stickers that represent desires (easily found at Michaels, Hobby Lobby etc.) Cutouts of words etc including emotions etc.
The most important thing that has to be brought to class is AN OPEN HEART!
ding of your energetic body.

Sat     01/26/19    1:00P-4:00P     $45 pre-register     $50 after 01/19/19


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