Classes and Workshops at THE CENTER

Message from the Office of Education

theCenterhis year has been a year of energies that continue to increase the amount of prosperity possible for each of us. We are in a phase of increase facilitated by our openness to expanding into more Divine Feminine energies. Right now is a good time to be grateful. Being grateful for what you have is the best way to create greater. Your Dream of Heaven is best supported by the underlying feelings of peace. Gratitude brings peace and positive expectation. Dare to dream and dream big. Take in new data to help you expand your picture of the life possible. Get in touch with the feelings that have been rumbling all year tempting you to move past your boundaries. Answer the call. Do something unexpected in response to this calling for more. Free your imagination and follow the urges. Something more exciting is just around the corner.

Our classes and workshops can help give a spark to your feelings for change. We have old favorites and new offerings to interest you and help those new feelings to grow. Transformation is the act of change from one state to another. We understand that transformation is a wonderful feeling when you are empowered in the process. The process of change is what makes life interesting and wonderful. Sharing with others that have walked down that road or are walking down that road right now makes it easier and more fun. Our goal is to make it a more enlightened experience for you!

Deb Foggio -Founder and Director

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