LifeWorks 101 -Tips for a More Prosperous Life #2

Make a Plan

It would be crazy to get into your car and start driving without a destination in mind. Well it is the same when it comes to living your life.  How many of you get up and just get going in the morning?  How many of you get involved in busy work but have no real focus on where it is ultimately leading you?

Busy work can make you feel successful but it does not always take you closer to where you ultimately want to be in your life.  To  do that, you have to make some decisions before you take one step or move one foot to do something. Sit down and get quiet.  Then ask yourself “What is it that I want to accomplish in my life?  What do I love and want to experience more of?  What makes me happy?”  Then listen.  Your heart knows all the answers.

Your job is to listen and write down what you hear.  Then look at what you have written.  How does it make you feel?  Your feelings are important because they are the fuel that will give you the energy to work at making those desires happen. Now work with that list and ask yourself when do you want more of those things to manifest in your life.  Now look at that.

In three simple steps you are creating the beginning of a plan to those destinations.  Now the decisions you make on a daily basis will have more impact because you will choose the ones that lead you closer to manifesting those desires.  Life is not a wild card like you may have thought before.  It is a process that unfolds in fun and joy when you know how to work it.

Make a plan today!   Don’t wait till tomorrow.  Get started now.  3 easy steps can begin a journey that will be filled with more meaningful experiences than you have ever known.

Happy Creating!

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LifeWorks 101 -Tips for a More Prosperous Life #1

Create a Vacuum

If you want more abundance in your life the first thing you have to do is be grateful for what you have.  Simple gratitude acknowledges that you are already prosperous. You draw to you how you feel.  Prosperous feelings bring more prosperity.  Wanting more prosperity is just a natural attitude that any creator holds.  Oh by the way, YOU ARE A CREATOR.  Being grateful makes you feel good.  Feeling good connects you to the energy of your heart consciousness.  New ideas of what you want to create and what you desire will start to flow.  Receive what comes… write it down. Claim it. Feel how fun it would be to have these things.

Now it time to create a vacuum.  Nature abhors a vacuum.  When one is created nature will fill it automatically.  So go through your house, your closet, your drawers, your garage.  Find the things that no longer serve you and collect them all to give them away or throw them out.  You are making a space for all those desired items.  The universe will work automatically to fill that vacuum with the list you created and have been envisioning.  Then say thank you as your bounty begins to find you in wondrous ways!

Happy Creating!

The Importance of Letting Your Intuition Be Your Guide Through The Mass Media Jungle

I was watching the Democratic National Convention on television.  When I first started watching I was viewing on one of the television network channels.  As I was watching there was a lot of commentating and the convention was the backdrop.  While watching I felt unsettled.  It was not about specific content, it occurred to me that I was not getting a real look at what was going on.  I was so moved by these thoughts that I felt compelled to look for the coverage on a different channel.  So I picked up the remote and switched over to several other networks.  I would watch respectively each channel yet the feeling persisted until I selected the direct feed from the Democratic National Convention.  The feeling I got first was that the noise level dropped.  There was just more clarity in listening directly to the individuals speaking on the platform.  I could focus my attention and my energy receptors more intently.  I got a real feel for what the participants were working to communicate.  I could make the decisions of what to believe or not to believe based on my own feelings… brought to me by my intuition.

I am at the place where my intuition trumps everything else.  I trust it.  Once I realized the difference of how I was perceiving the events at the Convention, I started to switch back and forth between the channels to observe more consciously the differences in how the Convention was being portrayed.  I was really shocked.  It was in my face how much the networks were projecting their idea of the Convention activities rather than reporting just the facts.  It was obvious they had an agenda they were seeking to project.  This is a far cry from being objective observers.  Now the question is how often is this happening across all avenues of the media.  Where are we just assuming in a blanketed kind of way that there is a more principled philosophy of integrity at play than there is?  It is obvious in some places the blatant lack of principle, but in others, not so much.  Where we feel we are safe in our assumption of responsible reporting is the problematic area.  How far we have come in letting others decide for us what is what.  I really paid attention to my feelings and I realized I had somehow slipped into a pattern while watching television of checking my intuition at the door and letting someone else paint a picture of life for me.  I thought I was more on guard than I am.  That was eye opening.  It has made me really think in a much more discerning way of where I go on autopilot as I view the news, read information on the internet and listen to the radio.  Yes we get our information from these sources.  We are living in a global world.  What is important here is the need to stay in conscious awareness of everything we let come into our psyche.  Our creative element takes that data and then creates our world.

What is in the unconscious is so powerful in that process.  We certainly do not want things we have accepted on autopilot but really don’t believe to influence the creation of our world.  This experience just demonstrates how important it is to use your intuition and your consciousness as gatekeepers in your world.  This is your responsibility.  You are the receiver of the results.  Can we ever be so relaxed that we are mindless about living moment to moment?  Absolutely not.  And is it hard?  No!  It is the natural gift we have been given as creators.  When we are clear in our decisions to live the way we desire, when we love ourselves paying attention to our needs is honoring.  This feels good.  Are we perfect at it?  No!  That is why we are here.  We are learning to be magnificent creators and the process itself is wonderful.  It generates great feeling and energy of empowerment overall.  Life rocks.

Now that I have this with new awareness about myself, I am better in this moment.  In the busyness of life I let distraction momentarily take my attention off my own upkeep.  The universe brought me back so that I will be more tenacious with everything.  I will now become more successful in my creating as I am taking more care of keeping the tone and temperature of my daily thoughts and feelings in line with my truest heart’s desire.  This through the utilization of my own powers of observation and discernment.  It is so important and necessary for all of us to keep working never to defer to the observances of others in a mindless way by listening to our intuition.  It lovingly keeps us in line with Divine wisdom and truth on a day to day, moment to moment basis.   The best part is that I am in gratitude that the universe, the Divine is always working for my highest good all the time.  It is constantly bringing me things I need when I don’t know I need them.  What a great backup system.

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