Soul Essence Evolving Presents
2017 Sisters of the Soul
Moon Lodge Retreat Weekend

    Embracing the Strengths of your Divine Feminine Nature

A Moon Lodge Retreat Weekend
December 8, 9, 10, 2017


We are moving more deeply into an age of the Divine Feminine energies more powerfully impacting life and everything in it.  Women are just now realizing that this energy is the power behind all of creation yet we have few ideas of how to live from it and use it on a day to day basis in relationships with ourselves and others. Years of domestication have confused us or led us to ignoring what comes naturally to us as well as to sometimes hold the feelings and ideas of our femininity as imperfection and weakness.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

We have the natural ability to understand the language of the Divine.  It is our Intuition.  We use it randomly, however we can be taught to comprehend it readily and to use it in everything we do.  It is innate in us as women as are other empowering traits and characteristics. Developing, appreciating and embracing them increases our knowing of our value and sense of worth.  We attract who we are and create our lives from that knowing.  What keeps that love from flowing freely is emotional entanglements, as well as our false belief systems.  A deeply rich creative power is available if we can heal these blocks and misperceptions.  With a fully activated Divine Feminine nature the possibilities for more love on all levels is increased.  How much is up to you.

This healing weekend is all about learning to embrace our natural way of being as we live from the foundation of the Divine Feminine energies within.  One of the most important things required to re-align yourself with your truth is to take the time to get quiet and tune within.  Second, focus your attention on honoring and loving yourself. Next connect with other women in heart-felt ways to enhance your internal creative, loving and supporting powers.

Join us for a fabulous, spiritual, healing and fun weekend in December.  It will be an amazing return to self. Time to take ACTION.   Don’t wait.  Make your commitment now!  In December you will be glad you did.

  • A weekend of healing, personal empowerment and growth.
    • A time of gathering for women to honor their Divine Feminine energy and unleash the creative power it holds to build a life of joy and prosperity.
    • A very experiential workshop that will allow you to make contact with and explore aspects of yourself, your ancestral lineage and your own spiritual consciousness and resources.  The healing process of Systemic Constellations can reveal the deeper meaning of your desires and what they mean for your life.
    • Rediscover the healing and supportive power of Sisterhood.

Where:  The Lake Huron Retreat Center
All lodging, meals and snacks included
When:  Fri, Sat, Sun December 8,9,10, 2017
Registration Info
$625 Early Bird Registration before Aug 30th with $100 deposit
$649 pre-registration before October 15th
$675 after October 15th

For more info or to register call Deb at 248-702-7064