Healing Your Emotional Quagmire Workshop

Facilitator:  Deb Foggio

Our emotions are always one of the most precious and misunderstood gifts we have as human beings.  Emotions are messengers bringing us information about ourselves and our relationship to others. Culturally we have been taught that emotions are to be ignored, not felt or acknowledged unless they make us feel good.  We have learned to ignore them and that is a big mistake if we want to live rich, successful and happy lives.  For most of us, we don’t understand the language and the data it brings to us.  Because of this we can struggle in our relationships, especially the ones that matter the most to us.  The most important one being our relationships with ourselves.

Emotions were always meant to empower us not cripple us.  Many of our challenges and the unconscious issues we hold were created by our lack of understanding our emotions.  In this workshop you will have the opportunity to discover and heal emotional challenges that may be impacting you in negative ways.  Learning about the language of emotions can increase your abilities to consciously create life in joyful and meaningful ways.

Fri     08/17/18    7:00P – 10:00P     Cost:  $35  Intro night (Included if you sign up for the whole weekend)
Sat    08/18/18    9:30A – 5:30P       Cost:  $260 /pre-register  Fri/Sat/Sun       $275 after 08/07/18
Sun   08/19/18    9:30A – 5:30P