Positively Productive

LifeWorks 101 -Tips for a More Prosperous Life #2

Make a Plan

It would be crazy to get into your car and start driving without a destination in mind. Well it is the same when it comes to living your life.  How many of you get up and just get going in the morning?  How many of you get involved in busy work but have no real focus on where it is ultimately leading you?

Busy work can make you feel successful but it does not always take you closer to where you ultimately want to be in your life.  To  do that, you have to make some decisions before you take one step or move one foot to do something. Sit down and get quiet.  Then ask yourself “What is it that I want to accomplish in my life?  What do I love and want to experience more of?  What makes me happy?”  Then listen.  Your heart knows all the answers.

Your job is to listen and write down what you hear.  Then look at what you have written.  How does it make you feel?  Your feelings are important because they are the fuel that will give you the energy to work at making those desires happen. Now work with that list and ask yourself when do you want more of those things to manifest in your life.  Now look at that.

In three simple steps you are creating the beginning of a plan to those destinations.  Now the decisions you make on a daily basis will have more impact because you will choose the ones that lead you closer to manifesting those desires.  Life is not a wild card like you may have thought before.  It is a process that unfolds in fun and joy when you know how to work it.

Make a plan today!   Don’t wait till tomorrow.  Get started now.  3 easy steps can begin a journey that will be filled with more meaningful experiences than you have ever known.

Happy Creating!

For more info on how to create your best life:  http://www.debfoggio.com/lifeworks 101

Why It is Important to Develop Your Intuition!

Intuition is an important part of everyday life.  Yet it is one of the most misunderstood talents and tools that we have.  Intuition is the language God uses to communicate with us.  It has its own syntax, symbols and meaning.  It is coded uniquely for each individual’s use based on their experiences, emotions and personal knowledge.  It is the key that opens your spiritual understanding of life.  It is your compass as you navigate through daily living and all it brings.  It is the link between you, the past, present and future.  It binds you to all of humanity as it is a part of the thread that connects us all together.  It really is the key to you creating a successful, rich life vs one that you randomly stumble through.

Not everyone will be called study their intuitive talents.  However, there are those of you reading this who will feel something within you that is nudging you to take action.  Start now.  Heed the messages that your spirit is sending.  If it is time for you to take control of your life and make changes, this is a good place to start.  Be assured the nudges will continue as you are always being urged by the Infinite Intelligence to make moves that will lead you to a greater good.  After all life is always moving toward good.  Start to take action and claim that good for yourself now.

If you have a heart-directed urge, follow it.  This is a huge part of the creative process.  First comes a vision or a strong sense about something that you feel is important for you to do, to say or to be.  Second, you start receiving ideas and “urges” to do specific things to make that desire manifest.  This is your intuition at work and if you are wise enough or aware enough to be conscious of it, then it is time to consider moving from the realm of random experiences into controlled expression.  When you consciously put yourself into the driver’s seat of your intuitive vehicle, your life will take many turns toward increased prosperity and fulfillment.  Our intuition is the road map that leads us to an amazing life.  Let it lead you to a Divinely determined destination.

My Intuitive Development series will give you a guided tour of the Intuitive Realm and school you on all aspects of being adept at using this talent.  It is so much more than anything considered woo woo.  It is a teaching of the foundational pieces of life that are necessary for you to come into the power of being a dynamic, creative and healed individual.  The series begins this fall.  Are you listening to your urges right now and do you have the courage to follow them?  I hope so.